5 Years of Batwarmer Power!

From Facebook:

I bought a pyroflite bat warmer when my daughter was in the 7-8th grade because of all the fall tournaments in Oklahoma and Arkansas and her crazy bat speed/ power . She turns 18 today and graduates HS in may and we still are using the original case and heating pad ! You have no idea how much it increases the pop of the bat in those low temperatures below 60 degrees not to mention taking the sting away and decreasing bat damage . She’s never broken a bat in the winter time using it and their aren’t to many kids in the country that swing it like she does . I highly recommend such a small investment for such big reasons . I’m just waiting on hers to ware out so I can get a new one , still holds its heat for 4-5 hours ! Sub 40’s in this cage and seems like 80-90’s to the bat with the warmer ! A+ in my book all day.

Check out the video Dennis posted on Facebook