Say Hello To Your Bats New Bodyguard!

When used for a game or batting practice this is the best hitting accessory for cool weather play since the games of baseball and softball were invented!

A flexible bat, especially in cool weather, will allow a player to maintain better hitting consistency. Imagine the confidence you will gain knowing every time you step up to the plate the PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer Sleeve has provided the warmth your bat needs to operate in a safe & sound way & make you feel like you are playing on a warm sunshiny day…day after day, night after night!

We've all been there, It's a cool day, your hands are chilly and your bat feels like a huge frozen popsicle.

As much as you love playing the game, hitting in bad weather is literally a pain. It’s bad for the bat and it’s bad for the hitter. Eliminating bat sting lessens that chance of getting bone bruises which can easily last for up to 6 weeks, ruining a season. The heat our product provides will keep your bat flexible, eliminating vibration from your bat, while protecting your hands from that nasty cold weather….for games or batting practice. Once your aluminum, wood, or composite bat is warmed by the PyroFlite Bat Warmer Sleeve, your confidence is restored, the fear of “bat sting” is gone and it is time to swing for the fence!

LONGER BAT LIFE: Why pay $300-$400 for a bat and use it cold?

If you’re not heating your bat up, don’t expect it to last long. Bat Companies state in their warranty not to use your bat in temperatures under 65 degrees. (Which is basically telling you to heat them) New composite bats these day’s for instance, have such an over spray of epoxy & resin inside the bat barrel. This makes the inner composite fibers so stiff and so brittle in the cold temps. When you heat your bat, you allow those fibers to flex so the bat can rebound enough to keep the fibers from cracking or breaking during cold weather impact. This is called “coefficency of restitution” or (cor).

“Here in Michigan the high school baseball season starts in late March, or early April, when game time temperatures are routinely well below most bat manufacturer’s suggested temperatures listed on their bat warrantees. I contacted Easton last year (2011 season) and they highly recommended your PyroFlite product so I bought one. My son loves it, he had no cold weather issues with his expensive bats.”

Thank you,
Joe Moran

There is a tremendous need to keep your bat at a safe operating temperature in which it was designed to be used. While aluminum bats dent, composite bats crack when not heated to a bat manufactures recommended temperature for use. Because your bat is not cracked on the outside of the barrel, it does not mean it is not cracked on the inside. It is the cracks on the inside of the composite bat barrel you can’t see that do the damage. Your bat will break apart on the inside first, resulting in dead hits on the field. This is one of the reasons we developed the Microwaveable PyroFlite Bat Warmer. To give the players the confidence in the bat they are swinging and safety in the game they love to play. Endorsed or approved by players and leagues in all associations across the Country.

For The States Switching To WOOD BATS Next Season Read This

Wood bats absolutely need to be heated. They well shatter quicker than any bat out there and the danger for on deck hitters, pitchers, third and first baseman well increase dramatically from getting hit from a splintered bat. If you watched during the 2010 MLB playoffs in Denver, the Rockies and Phillies were playing in very cool conditions and they were all heating their bats in the dugout.

Remember they are doing it for a reason and the maker of the Sam Bat once said: “Incidentally, maple bats or practically any wood product that has to stand up to punishing use are happiest in warm temperatures. They like to be as warm as you are. The colder the weather will make your bats more brittle. This is why Canadians choose to split maple logs in the winter!” I spoke with Sam about this and he went on to tell me that he recommended to equipment managers that they warm their bats. This way, bats can be kept warmer before use and they well last longer.

CLEAR BENEFITS: Keep the Pop in your bat and the Sting out of your Hands!

A revolutionary product that will prevent bat cracking and denting while keeping the Sting out of your Hands! For those who are serious about the sport of softball or baseball the PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer Sleeve is becoming a critical piece of equipment to help protect your bat and your hands. We proudly stand behind the remarkable benefits of the PyroFlite™ microwaveable heated bat warming sleeves.

EXTRA VALUE: Real Value over the course of your career!

All it takes is one broken bat and you’ve paid for the PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer Sleeve 5 times over! Think about it. Every time you crack or dent a bat the umpire throws it out of the game, and it’s back to the store for another $300-$400 bat. Whether it’s a new bat right out of the wrapper or an old bat you want to protect, the Microwaveable PyroFlite™ Bat Warmer Sleeves will save you money inning after inning, game after game, and season after season.

say hello to your bat's bodyguard