Winter Batting Practice begins

It’s the start of the traveling baseball winter training up the icy midwest and our friend Jaxon (U13) gave his new bat warmer a spin for his first winter batting practice up in the twin cities of Minnesota. Jaxon’s dad shot some photos & videos during the evening.

“About an hour before practice, we heated up the warming pack in the mic for like 5,6 minutes. I packed it into the bag. It was warm but not too hot. Then I zipped in my bat, packed my gear and we headed out to pick up some new batting gloves. I scored a sweet blue pair at Dick’s, tested some other gear and then we went to practice. When I took out my bat at BP, it was nice and warm. First swings were awesome. No stinging hands – just smooth contact. The other guys are already wondering where I got it. Thanks Brian! – Jaxon G, Woodbury MN